Why Halloween you ask?

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Many people don't understand why Halloween is almost the most important "Holiday" for us.  Well, it's simple.  It's pure fun.   While life can be a struggle, especially during rough economic times, Halloween is a great place to just let your worries be gone for a while and be something else for even a few hours.  Halloween is whatever you make of it.  Whether you put out a pumpkin and hand out tricks or treats or really deck out your yard.  We love to try to scare or startle people.   We don't compete with others.  Everyone has their own take of "All Hallows Eve" and what they believe it to be.  Everyone has a different comfort level of what they want to do with it.  Every year new ideas come to mind so it changes each year.  With that in mind, we will continue to build and perform 1 or 2 nights a year as long as we are able to.  Frightfully yours, the St.Johns.