Taking it to the Web.........

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Who are we?

I love Halloween.  Whether you are an enthusist or just a passer-by.   It's just all too much fun.  The seriousness of life keeps you in place, but Halloween lets you roam free like a bird.  Your imagination is the only thing that limits you. 

We started this site to share our love of Halloween with anyone and everyone. We hope you enjoy it.

I have been changing Halloween each year since around 1996.  Of course that was before the digital day and I'm not scanning all my old photos.  Every year, there is a different view, new bodies (corpses), new props.  Even my wife has joined the ride more than ever.

We also do not charge people. Thanks to the donations we received this year. The plastic was well used.

We don't have a barn or a building to perform our evil, but our front yard works just as well.  You can still have fun, no matter the size of your location, that's what it's all about....fear

We couldn't do all of this without everyones help